September 23, 2014

Freezers – a Cold But a Useful World

One may wonder as to what is a freezer. To put it a simple way, the freezer is an appliance which sheds out the external heat in the environment. Many things can be classified in this category. However for any cooling mechanism to be deemed as a freezer it has to have the capability to keep the inside temperature of its frame just below freezing point. The preferable temperature band is 0 pF or -18 pC and the contents inside the freezer are supposed to be frozen.

The domestic freezer or the refrigerator is the most known appliance to humans today and is being used all over the world in a majority of households. This is an appliance which has a separate compartment for keeping the consumable items for cooling as well as freezing. These have their own cooling mechanisms which use mainly Freon Gas for cooling.

The early years of Freezers had many companies making all kinds of freezers. Then the gas that was being used was the toxic ammonia gas. The replacement with the Freon Gas saw these wonderful freezers enter the domestic market and the refrigerator became a regular household commodity.

The early freezer had very few specialities. They served the basic purpose of cooling and preventing edible items from getting fungus etc. Now-a-days there are many new technologies which have been incorporated in the freezer and so there are now freezers that have come out with facilities like automatic defrosting and cooling and setting different temperatures. Features like the freezer adjusting the temperature by itself as per the heat outside are now a common feature and most of the freezers have this feature.

The market has seen major players churning out high quality and technically advanced freezers today. However, the consumer looks for a defined set of factors when purchasing a freezer. Although the criteria depends upon the customer himself and a defined set of factors is not possible to establish, still there are many things that a customer should look out for when buying a freezer. The most obvious consideration should be the space available in the freezer. A large size means a greater ability to store food. This capacity is usually indicated in litres. However, this should not mean that that the overall freezer should occupy a lot of space. Hence families should go for upright freezers which occupy the minimum of space.

The next consideration should be the assortment of the cabinets inside the freezer. They should be arranged in such a manner that any type of items can be stored in it. Hence the freezer should contain proper racks for storing bottles and there should be separate freezing compartments which should be used to keep items which should be stored at temperatures below freezing point.

The market of freezers is a pool of technologies with a number of companies offering many types of technologies. These technologies get themselves known by making the refrigerators famous in which they are involved and thereby increasing the sales of the company.

Industrially, however the scenario is totally different. Here freezers are huge in size and have a large storage capacity. These are mainly chest freezers, lab freezers as well as ‘explosion proof’ freezers. These are mainly used for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes. Industrial freezers are mainly prevalent in the process of cold storage in industries like fishing etc.

The world of Freezers is thus an interesting one and a Freezers

finds its way into versatile forms of business and is a very useful device.

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